S&P participated as a General Partner of the master class of one of the best business gurus in the world

With the participation and support of the S&P Investment Risk Management Agency, the author’s master class by Kjell Nordstrom, an outstanding Swedish economist, writer and one of the best business masterminds in the world, is being held in Kiev today.

For more than 25 years, Kjell Nordstrom has been working with international business, advising multinational corporations and government agencies on issues of globalization, corporate strategy and business development.


He was among the first world business gurus to determine the advent of the era of creativity in business. Written in the beginning of the Noughties book “Business in the style of funk. Capital dances to the tune of talent ” largely predicted the development of the modern world economy. The book became a global bestseller, and its author was called the futurologist of business. In Kiev, Kjell Nordström will tell owners and business managers how to succeed in the ultramodern world (read – in the technology world). “If you understand that the future has already come and you want growth in the next 5-10 years, then you need the right strategy and skill to think ” from the future”. ” To succeed in the ultramodern world, you need to monitor FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google). The purpose of today’s master class is to give you a deep understanding of the modern business environment, in particular, how the company is affected by huge technological changes, as well as to designate a system of new values “, – the speaker said.

Opening the event, the founder of the S&P Investment Risk Management Agency, Mykola Siutkin, in his welcoming speech, stressed that such events particularly clearly reflect the huge gulf between the business environment in Ukraine and where business is moving around the world.

“Business in Ukraine is engaged in survival, not in creation. Sometimes it seems to me that our country continues to live in the times of Ancient Greece, where local aristocrats, declaring themselves descendants of Hercules, appropriated the divine right to power and violence. So, the modern Ukrainian “the Heraclidae” in the power cabinets and power structures continue to absorb business, frighten entrepreneurs and destroy what is created by business in this country. However, such a huge number of modern Ukrainian entrepreneurs, company managers and just progressive people in this room, says that Ukrainian businesses are interested in world trends and strategies and are ready to ask them in their country. While we gather together, while such eminent speakers come to us while domestic business continues to choose development, rather than survival, Ukraine has a chance to be integrated into the world innovative context, where “the Heraclidae” definitely do not belong “, – said Mykola Siutkin.

The master class of the Kjell Nordström in Kiev was organized by KA Group agency.

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