Solving business conflicts: corporate conflicts, unfair competitive actions, conflicts/crises with government bodies:

  • Developing a strategy to minimize/prevent business conflicts;
  • Developing a strategy and tools to minimize conflicts;
  • Modeling risks and consequences for business caused by various types of conflicts/crises;
  • Supporting businesses in emerging from a crisis/business conflict;

Developing and implementing post-crisis preventive measures.

When something strikes a “company system”, the consequences for a company can be devastating. Crisis as a phenomenon affects both employees and shareholders. Well- organized company’s internal system ceases to function in a “normal mode”. Suspicions of misconduct, disputes, as well as attacks on commercial information, assets, and people should not lead to a complete shutdown of the company’s activities or rash decisions. Fast and confident responding to the problem and the fastest restoration of all business processes in a company are vital for the business. The resolution and emergence from the crisis with “minimal losses” are simply necessary for a company which wants to continue its business activities and be profitable according to approved financial plans and indicators.

Experience and expertise

Solving critical problems and crises is one of the main practices of S&P Investment Risk Management Agency, which was established more than 10 years ago. During these years, we helped a large number of both national and international companies to emerge from crises and preserve both their assets and their business. No matter whether you are facing a difficult crisis due to competitors’ or state law enforcement agencies’ illegal actions, we can certainly help you understand the most difficult circumstances.

Willingness to deal with problems is at the heart of the most successful response and recovery strategies. S&P Investment Risk Management Agency has the necessary knowledge and experience applicable to any situation. Our specialists include consultants on crisis management and security, lawyers, attorneys, detectives, experts, crisis communications specialists, PR, journalists, GR specialists, and other problem-solving specialists.

Perspective and stability:

When we face a critical problem or a crisis, we first help clients understand the cause, analyze mistakes and determine possible ways of developing a crisis. We carefully and consistently analyze even the most stressful situations, hold meetings with the management and top management of the company, as well as reduce the emotional tension in the organization, which is of prime importance for getting the company out of chaos. We have honed these skills over decades of practical crisis management. Once the antisocial state of the company is stabilized, we choose a strategy and develop a step-by-step plan for getting the company out of the crisis.

We also develop the right approach to decision-making and make sure that the company has the necessary resources to create teams responsible for solving problems.

At each stage of our customer support, S&P Investment Risk Management Agency cares about long-term business recovery. We continue to work and help companies even after successfully getting out of the crisis to assess the mistakes that caused the crisis and learn from the experience that will allow you to become stronger.


  • Which companies are at risk?
  • What is the main danger of the public plane?
  • What additional losses can the business suffer?
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