The transition to a qualitatively new level always occurs through a crisis. This applies to the country, and the company, and the person.

Crisis is a natural stage of development, which gives one the grounds to think, to understand what is happening wrong, and to find the optimal way out of the crisis situation to rise to a level above.

The business environment in Ukraine is quite complex.  Ukraine is a country that is still developing and in the process of transformation.

It is because the business environment in Ukraine is complex and business risks are quite high, without a system of calculations and risk minimization, there is a rather high probability of an emergence of a business crisis.

As anti-crisis advisors, that have been through countless business conflicts we recommend to pay more attention to anti-crisis measures and strategies, creation and implementation of a risk management system into the business processes before the crisis.

In addition, we also help businesses to overcome the crisis/business conflict, practically at any stage of its existence.

The main mistakes that can lead to crises/business conflicts

Absence of a mechanism of risk monitoring, risk analysis and management, implemented into the business processes of companies.

Lack of competence and practical experience in internal employees of the company in area of risk monitoring and management.

Absence of external advisors who have considerable practical experience and mechanisms, tools for monitoring the management and minimization of risks.

Making managerial, financial, legal decisions without conducting preliminary monitoring and modeling of the situation/conflict development on the basis of the risk management system.

Lack of a clear vision of the development of events and their forecasting.

What losses the companies suffer





Loss of market share/clients

Blocking of economic activity

The types of threats we are working with

Investment M&A

In business processes and partnerships




Internal and external business conflicts

Loss of assets and or financial losses

Anti-competitive actions

Illegal/unlawful actions of the state and law enforcement bodies


0 %
of all losses incurred by companies in Ukraine and in the world are the result of errors in risk calculations or the absence of such calculations at all.

What do we offer for our clients at the stage of crisis/business conflicts

We conduct a detailed audit and analysis of the situation, examine the legal components of the conflict.

We carry out the initial identification of the type and kind of a crisis/conflict.

We develop initial conclusions and recommendations with regards to the direction of action, confirming with the client.

We develop an individual step-by-step anti-crisis strategy

We create anti-crisis headquarters

We are starting to implement the anti-crisis strategy

We carry out systematic adjustment of the anti-crisis strategy depending on the actions of opponents and the type of crisis.

We analyze the errors that led to the crisis/conflict.

We develop and implement preventive measures after the crisis.


0 %
Increase in company efficiency when solving complex problems and/or conflicts
The conflict/situation becomes controlled by the company
Minimization of threats, existing and possible losses
0 %
Efficiency of management, legal, financial decisions taking into account the existing and future threats.
The company gets a clear algorithm/road map as a successful exit from the problem or as a way to prevent it.

Experience and knowledge

Solving business problems and crises is one of the core practices of S&P Agency, established over 15 years ago. Over the years, we have helped a large number of both national and international companies to emerge from the crisis and maintain both their assets and business. Whether you are facing a complex crisis due to illegal actions by competitors or government law enforcement, we can certainly help you navigate through the toughest of circumstances.

Readiness to deal with problems lies at the heart of the most successful strategies of response and recovery. S&P Agency has the necessary knowledge and experience for any situation.  Amongst our specialists – consultants in anti-crisis management and security, lawyers, jurists, detectives, experts, specialists in crisis communications, PR, journalists, GR-specialists and other specialists in problem solving.

At every stage of our client support, S&P Agency cares about the long-term business recovery.  We continue to work and help companies even after they have successfully exited from the crisis to assess the mistakes that caused the crisis itself and gain experience that will make the company stronger.

S&P Agency for business in numbers for recent years

0 million
returned illegally locked VAT
0 million
tax burden reduced for investors
0 billion
saved property
0 billion
saved expenses
conflicts seltled

our cases

We conducted training for more than 45 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of GDP of Ukraine

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