Services in the field of taxation

The guarantee of minimization of tax charges is a correctly chosen tax strategy, even at the stage of the company’s entry into the Ukrainian market. Additionally, the company’s tax policy, which was formed at stage zero. It is precisely this that determines the existence or absence of problematic situations with tax and law enforcement bodies regarding the payment of taxes.

And it is the taxation that is, undoubtedly, the main concern and problem for any business.

Development of tax strategy at the stage of entering the market of Ukraine

Analysis of future investment (production, economic) activity.

Analysis, modeling and assessment of tax and financial risks that may arise in business and corporate officials in any relationship with tax authorities (including any dispute, additional charges, tax accounting space, etc.).

Providing recommendations, conclusions within the framework of the tax strategy and business policy approved by the client in Ukraine.

Development of the tax strategy of the future investment (production, economic) activity considering the structure of doing business, sphere, and specificity of the project.

Realization of the tax strategy and protection of interests of the company (and officials) at any stage of communication with tax authorities.

The main mistakes business makes at the stage of entering the market of Ukraine

Does not carry out thorough preparation for entering the market of Ukraine.

Does not analyze, model, or assess tax and financial risks that may arise from business and government officials in any relationship with tax authorities.

Does not monitor or conduct compliance of counterparties, neither tracks the transfer of the counterparty to the category "risky".

There is no monitoring and modeling of risks related to tax charges with regards to different types of activity.

The company’s tax strategies and policies are based on legal and (or accounting) errors that can lead to tax deductions.

Tax audits

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Conducting inspections – both planned and unplanned – is an integral part of ordinary business activity in Ukraine.

(Рус) 400(Рус) ₴2

Tax and tax calculations, blocking tax bills, tax audits in connection with VAT claimed for refund, are just some of the problems faced by companies almost every day.

(Рус) 1(Рус) ₴3

In 70% of enterprises, the result of the tax audit is the detection of violations of tax legislation and the inclusion of additional tax payments to businesses, or the refusal to refund VAT.

(Рус) 5(Рус) ₴4

It is clear that the company must prepare carefully before the scheduled tax inspection, from the moment it becomes known that the company is included in the list of scheduled inspections. However, it is quite difficult to be ready for an unscheduled inspection.

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We conducted training for more than 45 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of GDP of Ukraine


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  • Which companies are at risk of unscheduled inspections?
  • What are the business losses?
  • What do we do in a tax audit for companies?
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