Comprehensive support for investment project

Investing for business in countries where the economic environment is still in the process of formation is quite complex and risky. For a successful realization of the investment project it is necessary to carry out thorough preparation, including the most important part – assessment and minimization of existing or possible risks and further implementation of high-quality support of the project.

Support of investment projects is quite a demanded service today. It is the risky environment and the complexity of its calculation that pose a threat to many foreign companies that want to enter the Ukrainian market. At the same time, the only reason why unsuccessful investment projects are unsuccessful is because there is a lack of risk prediction and an absence of thorough analysis of the developed investment project. Planning mistakes lead to negative financial and legal consequences during the realization of the project.

Therefore, careful analysis and the framing of existing and possible risks is an effective guarantee of success of any investment activity.

We provide comprehensive support services for investment projects. Our specialists solve tasks within the framework of the investment project implementation with the best available methods and technologies, guided both by the opportunities of the investor and the conditions arising from the changing guidelines and external requirements. Special attention is paid to the quality of services provided, creation and maintenance of partnerships with the client. Legal advice is provided at each stage of the investment project. We also offer support services for financial companies and other enterprises.

How does the S&P Agency accompany investment projects, and what does it implement in its services?

  1. Selection and development: taking into account the specific wishes of the client. The structure of assets and jurisdiction of the parent company under a specially invested project with the purpose of protection of these assets, minimization of taxes and other business risks.
    Choice of jurisdiction, tax planning structure for optimal tax load and maximum profit in Ukraine.
    The goal – to preserve and create a system of investments and property rights, reduce and optimize tax burden.
  2. Registration in the territory of Ukraine of legal entities for investment projects.
  3. DD of the future investment object: preparation of a conclusion on the existing and possible risks of the investment project, and analysis of their consequences for it.
  4. Creation of strategy of the realization and mechanisms of minimization of risks of investment projects.
    ● Development of an optimal structure of the investment project, if it envisages partnership with the Ukrainian side.
    ● Development of an optimal strategy for asset acquisition / investment realization.
  5. Support of the investment project at all stages of “turn-key” realization, including legal and financial support, GR, PR and others.
  6. Support of economic activity.
    ● Support of business activities of the company in Ukraine (minimization of risks in relations with tax and law enforcement, as well as the controlling bodies).
    ● Support of an exit from the investment project, closure of legal entities on the territory of Ukraine.

For the efficient and reliable achievement of the set goals, a comprehensive analysis of the presented investment project and an individual approach to the client is carried out.

The main mistakes a foreign business makes in the process of a realization of an investment object:

  • there is an absence of high-quality specialists who have deep knowledge of local market and considerable experience in risk analysis;
  • ignorance in the analysis of the risks of the developed investment object;
  • absence of a system of risk monitoring during investment project realization, and at the stage of economic activity.
In 95% of all enterprises, the reason for loss of assets or loss of control over assets is the investor’s mistakes (lack of analysis and understanding of existing and possible risks) at the stage of entering the project.

The Benefits of working with S&P Agency:

complex and systematic approach to realization of investment projects of any level of difficulty ;

minimization of asset loss or control;

clear understanding of existing risks and assistance in making a final decision on entering into the investment project on the basis of complex analysis and a full picture with reliable data;

successful realization and receivement of planned profit from the execution of the investment object.

What ensures your success?

Our team of professional business consultants, auditors, tax consultants, lawyers, investment gamers, that have a successful experience in carrying out an audit of investment and business proposals, for all types of foreign companies entering the market of Ukraine.

Unique work experience with our team, which has already helped the largest foreign investors to successfully implement the most ambitious projects in Ukraine;

Personalized strategy of the realization of an investment project depending on its complexity and investor requirements;

Distinct and clear step-by-step algorithm of the realization of an investment object and simultaneous understanding of its risks;

Our high-quality support of the project, side-by-side with our team of professionals, at every stage of its realization.

S&P for business in numbers over the past years

Reduction additions of the companies taxes and fees for a total amount of

~₴400 million

As a result of the court victory cases, the VAT was returned to the business corporate account in the amount of

~₴50 million

The illegally blocked VAT was returned to the business corporate account in the amount of

~₴370 million

25 criminal cases on tax evasion against companies CEOs were closed

~₴950 million

We conducted training for more than 45 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of GDP of Ukraine


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