Investment is the key to financial sustainability. However, a full-fledged investment activity is a multi-component and complex undertaking that involves many nuances. It takes a long time to understand them. Therefore, requesting the service of development and support of investment projects is a reasonable solution for any company or individual.

What is included in investment activities

The investment preparation process consists of several stages, only with full observance of which the safety and profitability of investments are guaranteed to be at the maximum. This includes such steps:

1. Project planning and development.

First, we need to establish the purpose of the customer’s intentions: saving money, long-term or short-term profit, building real estate for sale or lease. Based on these requests, as well as the available resources and material base for the implementation of activities, an analysis of the market is conducted and possible directions are determined. After a more careful selection, the customer, according to the recommendations, chooses one or more directions. These directions are analyzed in more detail and a business plan is drawn up. 

2. Project implementation.

Once a project business plan has been agreed, which sets out the time frame, the financial volume, the direction of work and other aspects, the investment process begins. It is implemented gradually or simultaneously, depending on the needs and type of investment project. At this technical stage, documentation work, consultancy work, creation of data repositories and conclusion of various contracts with all groups involved in the case are carried out. 

3. Control and regulation.

In order to avoid problems with the enterprise, it is necessary to closely monitor all aspects of the investment project throughout its implementation. There is an audit and verification of the course of affairs in all its directions, the reconciliation of estimates, reports and other documents. In cases where the activity does not proceed as planned or does not yield the declared dividends, depending on the legal basis, the investor may have an impact on the process.

4. Grading and evaluation of the results.

After the completion of the investment project, it is important not only to estimate the profit, but also to fully analyze the work done: whether the results meet the expectations, whether they are sufficient in relation to the total profit of the project. 

Only careful observance of all technical stages of the investment project, as well as competent maintenance of documentation can guarantee its success.

Why it is worth it to order comprehensive support of an investment project in S&P Agency

Our company has been on the market for more than 15 years and offers complex financial and legal services, including protection in criminal proceedings. We also offer support for investment projects. We carry out:

  • Market analysis and in-depth inspection of all potential investments;
  • Real risk assessment;
  • Development of the investment process directly;
  • Assistance in tax matters, including formal requests to public organizations;
  • Establishment of a detailed repository for all projects;
  • Full documentation of all investments, including construction, purchase and sale of real estate, merger of companies;
  • Negotiating functions in the organization of an investment project;
  • Full control of the investment project flow and its protection in the legal field at all stages;
  • Analysis of completed projects, subsequent investments and mergers.

Our experience and efficient work are confirmed by the project cases of large international companies with whom we have collaborated and cooperate to this day. We will be happy to answer all of your questions. We guarantee professionalism and beneficial conditions of cooperation. 

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