There is no doubt that foreign investment and the introduction of advanced technologies are necessary for rapid economic growth. There is a substantial number of Ukrainian companies in different spheres of activity, ardently looking for foreign partners to increase their production volumes to modernize existing business processes, as well as launch new production.

However, an investment proposal needs to be properly developed and presented as a guarantee and is a necessary condition for attracting a potential foreign investor. This factor is decisive not only for finding one, but also for the real decision of that investor to enter the proposed business-project.

Unfortunately, however, most of the time Ukrainian companies are not bothered with the development of the investment proposal, and without having this important document, it is impossible for them to attract foreign capital at all.

The essential elements of an investment proposal include a financial plan, which incorporates the main monetary indicators of the future project and its financial efficiency.

At the same time, a necessary condition for a foreign investor is the legal purity of the project, proposed for investment, with an implemented mechanism of minimization of legal and financial risks. If this condition is fulfilled, a foreign investor can start serious work on making a final decision and start the activity on entering the business project.

Unfortunately, it is the absence of a clear, full-fledged (considering all elements) and clear investment proposal in Ukrainian companies destroys the intentions to find and attract foreign capital.

The main mistakes Ukrainian companies make during the attraction of a foreign investor:

  1. – ignore the stage of detailed development of a business plan and investment proposal or do not have such documents at all;
  2. – do not thoroughly prepare an investment proposal, do not understand requirements and needs of a foreign investor or neglect them;
  3. – do not analyze, model, and assess the financial and legal risks in their investment proposal. Do not offer investors the schemes of minimization of financial and legal risks;
  4. – in the developed investment proposals there are purely legal and/or financial errors, which are the reason for refusal of a foreign partner from entering the project.

What does S&P Agency provide to Ukrainian companies:

  • we analyze the investment proposal (financial, legal, reputational, etc.);
  • we provide initial conclusion on relevance of an existing investment proposal;
  • we analyze existing financial, and/or legal risks and develop proposals to minimize or eliminate them;
  • together with the Ukrainian company, we form financial and business models, which are understandable for a foreign investor;
  • we develop a clear structure of the investment proposal (financial, legal, reputational, etc.);
  • we form a single document – an investment proposal – in Ukrainian and English.

Benefits of working with us:

  • we mitigate the existing and possible risks for a foreign investor, the absence of which may be a reason for refusal of cooperation;
  • we help you to significantly increase in the efficiency and attractiveness of the company’s investment proposal for a foreign investor.

What ensures your undeniable success?

  • – Our professional team of consultants, auditors, tax consultants, and lawyers who have successful experience in auditing investment and business proposals for the largest foreign companies entering the Ukrainian market;
  • – Unique experience with our team, which has already helped the largest foreign investors and led successfully to realization of the most ambitious projects in Ukraine. After all, we know the requirements and expectations of the most demanding investors based on our own great experience, expertise and many years of practice;
  • – Our individual strategy of an investment proposal formation, depending on the complexity of the project and personal criteria;
  • – A clear and clear algorithm, as well as an understanding of how to meet the requirements of a foreign partner, so that he makes a positive decision on investment;
  • – High-quality and constant support of the project by our team of professionals.


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