Assistance in the development of an investment project

It’s no secret that for the rapid growth of the economy, foreign investment and advanced world technologies are needed. A large number of Ukrainian companies in various fields of activity are actively looking for foreign partners to increase production volumes, modernize existing business processes and/or launch new production.
A pledge and a necessary condition for attracting a foreign investor is a developed and submitted investment proposal. It is this condition that is decisive not only for finding a potential foreign partner, but also for the investor to directly make a decision to enter a business project.
But, unfortunately, quite often Ukrainian companies neglect this important document, and without it, it is practically impossible to attract foreign capital.
Among the important elements of the investment proposal is a financial plan, which includes the main financial indicators of the future project and the financial efficiency of the proposed project.
Also, a necessary condition for a foreign investor is the legal purity of the future project and the mechanism implemented in the project to minimize legal and financial risks. It is under such conditions that a foreign investor can start serious work on making a final decision and / or start working on entering a business project.
Unfortunately, it is the lack of a clear, understandable investment proposal from Ukrainian companies that nullifies the intention to find and attract foreign capital.

The main mistakes of Ukrainian business in the process of attracting a foreign investor

They ignore the stage of developing a business plan and an investment proposal, and / or do not have such a document at all.

They do not carefully prepare an investment proposal, do not understand the requirements and needs of a foreign investor.

They do not carry out analysis, modeling and assessment of financial and legal risks in their investment proposal, do not offer the investor schemes for minimizing financial and / or legal risks.

In the developed investment proposals, there are purely legal and / or financial errors that cause the foreign partner to refuse to enter the project.

What we do for Ukrainian companies

We analyze the existing investment proposal (financial, legal, etc.).

We provide an initial conclusion on the relevance of the existing investment proposal.

We analyze existing financial and/or legal risks and develop proposals for their minimization.

Together with a Ukrainian company, we are creating a financial and business model that is understandable for foreign capital.

We develop an investment proposal structure that is understandable for a foreign investor (financial, legal, reputational, etc.).

We form a single document - an investment proposal in Ukrainian and English.


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Calculation of existing and possible risks for a foreign investor, which will definitely become the reason for refusal to cooperate on the part of a foreign investor.
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A significant increase in the efficiency and attractiveness of the company's investment proposal for a foreign investor.

What are you getting

A team of consultants, auditors, tax consultants, lawyers with successful experience in auditing investment proposals / and business proposals for the largest foreign companies entering the Ukrainian market.
The unique experience of our team, which has already helped the largest foreign investors in Ukraine to successfully implement the most ambitious projects. This means that we know the requirements of the most demanding investors from our own experience and many years of practice.
An individual strategy for the formation of an investment proposal, depending on the complexity and personal criteria.
A clear and understandable algorithm and understanding of how to meet the requirements of a foreign partner so that he makes a positive investment decision.
High quality support from a team of professionals.

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our cases

We conducted training for more than 45 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of GDP of Ukraine

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