One of the main specialization of S&P Agency is the support of complex legal disputes, which are reviewed by courts of all levels, regardless of their jurisdiction. S&P Agency offers its clients comprehensive support in litigation at all stages of the court process and in any court instances.
The trial process is the final stage of any dispute, and therefore its completion is crucial for every company.
S&P Agency has been successfully representing the interests of large and medium-sized businesses in court for more than 20 years, and the individual judicial strategy developed by us (which is calculated for each client based the circumstances of the case) has repeatedly confirmed its success, efficiency and effectiveness.

Who we are

We are a completely unique external advisor with a great successful practical experience in the conduction of court cases.
We have excellent and successful experience both in the development of judicial strategies and in their implementation.
Our team includes high-class lawyers, auditors, journalists, GR specialists, crisis managers and top legal advisers. All of these people clearly know what their role and mission is in each case.
All team members work together for a single result, so if the dispute should be covered publicly, our team clearly understands what to emphasize, what to pay attention to and what is the most important in the public field. We understand why we do it and what is the goal behind each message.
We have a large portfolio of successfully won court cases.

What we do for our clients

We analyze the situation that needs to be solved, audit the documents and evidence.

We conduct an audit of risks (reputational, legal, financial, business, blocking of business activity and others) of future court processes.

We draw conclusions on the feasibility of future litigation, the prospects for obtaining a court decision and the risks that the company may face (before, during and after the trial).

We draw conclusions on the feasibility of future litigation, the prospects for obtaining a court decision and the risks that the company may face (before, during and after the trial).

We hold meetings with heads of companies and departments, discuss the position, risks, planned results.

We form the evidence basis, prepare claims and other necessary procedural documents, send them to the court.

We accompany the judicial process in all courts, any jurisdiction.

In case a decision requires enforcement, we shall take measures to implement such a decision of the court.

What the client gets from working with us

High-quality team of business consultants, lawyers, auditors.

A unique author's strategy of doing business, which is based exclusively on many years of practical experience.

High accuracy of forecasts of court case development.

Practical and successful 20 years experience of protection of our clients in courts, which becomes a guarantee in our efficiency.

Unique knowledge and excellent final results.


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Minimization of negative consequences for your business when disputes and/or disputes arise.

S&P Agency for business in numbers for recent years

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our cases

We conducted training for more than 45 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of GDP of Ukraine

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