Executive proceedings – this is a separate and final stage in property and non-property disputes, the purpose of which is to enforce the court decision.

This is a rather complex stage that requires practical knowledge, skills and abilities, and therefore successful execution of court decisions is possible only if you know this process and all its intricacies.

Supporting enforcement proceedings is one of the most important stages after the court proceedings, so it is the success at this stage that will depend on whether you will be able to implement the court decision obtained in your favor.

S&P Agency provides a full range of services related to the support of the execution of court decisions on the territory of Ukraine, including decisions of foreign courts.

What we do for clients at the stage of execution of a court decision

  • Analysis of documents and audit of prospects for execution of a court decision.
  • Collection and processing of information about the debtor.
  • Development of an individual strategy for execution of a court decision.
  • Analysis and preparation of all necessary documents for the execution of the court decision.
  • Participation of a lawyer in the process of execution of court decisions and executive documents.
  • Restoration of missed deadlines for presentation of executive documents for execution.
  • Postponement, deferred execution of court decisions.
  • Changing the method of execution of a court decision.
  • Foreclosure on the debtor’s property.
  • Appeal of actions (inaction) of the state executive.

Recognition in Ukraine of decisions of foreign courts/foreign court decisions

S&P Agency lawyers provide the following services in legal procedures for the recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign courts

  • Preparation of a package of documents for the recognition of a foreign court decision.
  • Preparation of procedural documents and sending them to the court for violation of the process of recognition of a court decision on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Conducting the case in court, preparation of all necessary procedural documents for recognition of the decision of a foreign court on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Preparation and submission of evidence, statements and motions in court proceedings.
  • Preparation of documents for the opening of executive proceedings.
  • Support of executive proceedings, joint work with executors.

What the client gets from working with us

  • A high-quality team of business consultants, lawyers, investors
  • Practical and successful 20-year experience of protecting our clients in court and in the process of executing court decisions, which is a guarantee of our efficiency.
  • A unique author’s strategy for conducting executive proceedings, which is built exclusively on many years of practical experience.
  • High accuracy of forecasts of the development of the court case.
  • Unique knowledge and high final result.


  • 90%

Improving the effectiveness of communications in the public sphere carried out by the company.

  • 90%

Minimizing negative consequences for reputation and your business when going public.

S&P Agency for business in figures for recent years

  1. 500 million ₴ of illegally blocked VAT was returned
  2. 400 million ₴ reduced the amount of tax payable for the investor
  3. 1.5 billion ₴ assets saved
  4. 350 conflicts resolved

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