Having a long-term experience, S@P AGENCY not only provides high-quality consulting and legal services, but has also developed and successfully implemented the initiative – upgrading the skills of employees in client’s companies. 

Individual closed corporate trainings on the basis of S&P HUB. 

S&P Agency develops closed corporate training sessions for staff training to meet individual needs and needs of its clients. 

Closed corporate trainings are developed under request and for the needs of a certain company depending on the number of production facilities, departments and the number of personnel. Corporate trainings are aimed at raising the professional level and increasing the efficiency of the company’s employees. The staff of the company is divided into separate groups, and for each department a certain type of training is developed and implemented. 

Over the last year, S&P Agency has conducted closed trainings and trainings for managers and staff of more than 35 foreign companies.

What trainings we conduct: 

Inquiries, inspections of tax authorities. Major business mistakes. Practical advice. 

Within the framework of this training, the following practical advice is provided and taught: 

– actual practical information about standard and non-standard approaches to providing a response to the requests of the tax authority; 

– practical advice on how to prove the r of an economic operation even if there is a benefit to the counterparty,

– practical methods of protection against groundless claims of tax authorities. All recommendations are based on successful cases of the company. 

– analysis of major business errors during inspections by controlling bodies.

– recommendations on how to apply legal conclusions of the Supreme Court in tax disputes in favor of business. 

Criminal law at the service of law enforcement officers. How to counter it. 

Within the framework of this training, the following practical advice is provided and taught: 

  • what criminal elements are used by law enforcement officers to pressure business in the sphere of tax payment; 
  • what procedural tools are used by the law enforcement agencies and methods of their counteraction; 
  • analysis of major mistakes in cooperation with law enforcement bodies; 
  • list and advice on priority measures for a positive solution of the problem (or – to achieve a positive result and minimize negative consequences). 

Mistakes of foreign investors on the territory of Ukraine in the process of corporate conflicts and complex conflicts with state bodies. 

Within the framework of this training, the following practical advice is provided and taught: 

– what is a conflict and its types; 

– how can conflicts of different types be identified; 

– major business mistakes and consequences of such mistakes; 

– how to approach the conflict resolution correctly; 

– what to do get out of the divided conflict as a winner; 

– how to turn negative into positive, what the business gets after the conflict has been properly resolved. 

Risks and their minimization: Conflicts with tax authorities. 

Within the framework of this training, the following practical advice is provided and taught: 

– how to prove the reality of economic operations; 

– unscheduled inspection of the enterprise by tax inspection: subtleties, features and “underwater reefs”.

Tax inspection VS fair business. 

Within the framework of this training, the following practical advice is provided and taught: 

– how to protect the company from unfair contractors; 

– how to respond to requests from tax authorities; 

– top 10 mistakes of business during inspections; 

– the main actions of companies during the audit; 

– methods of protection against unjustified claims of the tax inspection. 

Mistakes of foreign investors in an unstable political and business environment. 

The author’s practical training, developed by S&P Agency Investment Risk Management specialists, aims to give the managers of enterprises a greater vision of crisis situations and conflicts. We pay special attention to the main mistakes of top management during business activity in Ukraine. We share practical recommendations for creating and developing successful businesses. 

How to effectively counter illegal actions of tax and law enforcement bodies. 

Unique authorial training developed by S&P Agency Investment risk Management specialists for owners and managers of companies, financial directors and chief accountants. In an accessible form, the speakers provide practical recommendations for effective interaction with tax and law enforcement bodies. The training sums up and systematizes our 20-year experience at S&P Agency Investment Risk Management in risk management, crisis management, reputation protection and law. 

Business conflicts in Ukraine. Criminal prosecution as one of the elements of a business conflict. 

This practical training gives the participants an opportunity to look at familiar problems from a different angle. We will not only say, but also show on real examples from our practice, that the criminal prosecution of business is not a separate problem, but namely, is only a part and one of the elements of conflict. 

Individual closed corporate trainings of S@P AGENCY with departure to the client’s office. 

Quite often, the company is facing negative consequences precisely because of the staff’s lack of readiness to “meet” with state and law enforcement bodies. This lack of preparedness leads to the worst negative consequences, including the removal of primary documents, items, properties, etc. 

Main mistakes of business during meetings with state and law enforcement bodies: 

  • the company staff did not receive special trainings on handling during investigative actions (searches, seizures, interrogations, etc.); 
  • the company, in particular, its personnel and premises, is not ready for investigative actions (searches, seizures, interrogations, etc.);
  • there are no internal instructions regulating the procedures of communication of personnel with law-enforcement and supervisory bodies at the enterprise; 
  • – there is no individual system of premise protection during investigations;
  • there is no system and comprehensive protection of all levels of both the company and its management.

Business conflicts in Ukraine. Criminal prosecution as one of the elements of a business conflict

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Foreign investors’ mistakes in an unstable business and political environment

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«How business can build efficient cooperation with taxing and law enforcement authorities in a correct manner».

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«Mistakes of foreign investors in Ukraine».

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«Conflicts with taxing authorities. The main risks and their minimization».

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«Conflicts with power structures. The main risks and their minimization».

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Corporate trainings for your staff. What do we do: 

We travel to the office of the enterprise, study the plan of the premises, internal documents, instructions and rules. 

We conduct a survey of personnel. 

We assess the effectiveness of the office’s existing protection. 

We develop and implement detailed algorithms on interaction of different groups of personnel between each other and with law enforcement bodies. 

We provide recommendations on what the company needs to do to build an effective system of interaction with law enforcement bodies. 

We train personnel in your territory. 

We model and work out various situations during searches. 

We provide theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills of behavior during searches for different groups of personnel. 




What the company gets: 

A detailed instruction of actions for each employee during the search by law enforcement bodies. Each employee gets a clear algorithm of personal action: 

knows own’s position in the general strategy of protection and cooperation with law enforcement bodies; 

how to behave in a conscious and conscious way; 

how to not adopt spontaneous decisions, which allows the employee to act calmly and without panic. 

Every search is controlled by the enterprise, not the investigator. 

Minimization of all types of losses for the company (financial, reputational, blocking of economic activity, loss of market share, loss of clients). 

S&P Agency for Business in recent years: 

– Reduced Tax and tax charges to companies for the total amount of $400 million 

– Returned to settlement accounts the VAT amount of $50 million 

– Returned to businesses settlement accounts illegally blocked by VAT of $370 million 

– Closed 25 criminal cases opened up against the managers of enterprises concerning the alleged tax evasion to the total amount of $950 million



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