S&P Agency provides private corporate training for educating staff. Over the past year, S&P Agency has conducted private training and educational sessions for executives and staff of more than 35 foreign companies.

  • Practical training “Conflicts with tax authorities. The main risks and their minimization. How to act during an inspection”;
  • Practical training “Law enforcement search and seizure. The main mistakes. What you need to be prepared to; how to act during the search and seizure”.



Business conflicts in Ukraine. Criminal prosecution as one of the elements of a business conflict

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Foreign investors’ mistakes in an unstable business and political environment

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«How business can build efficient cooperation with taxing and law enforcement authorities in a correct manner».

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«Mistakes of foreign investors in Ukraine».

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«Conflicts with taxing authorities. The main risks and their minimization».

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«Conflicts with power structures. The main risks and their minimization».

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Корпоративні тренінги


We conducted training for more than 35 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of GDP of Ukraine.


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