S&P Agency was established in 2007
and has since remained in the top law firms of Ukraine
providing high-quality legal and juridical services for business
community from all over the world.

The main feature and difference of S&P Agency’s work is that the company develops and renders services to clients in a synergistic combination of legal instruments with the risk minimization strategy.  In this case, the legal strategy and the finalization of projects accompanied and implemented by the S&P Agency differ significantly from standard legal instruments and action algorithms.

The main goal of S&P Agency is to lay the shortest path to the optimal result with minimal risk for our client.

This is exactly what distinguishes S&P Agency from other law firms – the shortest and the most effective path to the final results with minimal risk.

What legal services that S&P Agency provides

  • Conduction of audit of legal risks, modeling, calculation and assessment of risks, conclusion development, providing recommendations.
  • Analysis of the situation/existing disputes/conflicts/initial documents, providing conclusions on risks, prospects of development and finalization of the project.
  • Full compliance procedure to check partners/contractors, providing conclusions/recommendations, reports, collected data, etc.
  • Due Diligence of any agreements/investment projects/objects and corporate rights planned to be acquired.
  • Development of a legal strategy of a business project/case/conflict resolution and a step-by-step algorithm of actions.
  • Implementation of a legal strategy on minimization of possible risks, protection of interests of the company/officials of the company at any stage of project realization and/or dispute/conflict.
  • Development of initial documents: Draft agreements, protocols of differences, agreements on cooperation, protocols of intentions, agreements on partnership, instructions, protocols, acts, etc.
  • Support of judicial cases of any degree of complexity, in criminal proceedings/civil and administrative disputes.
  • Accompaniment by lawyers in searches/trips, interrogators/other investigative actions in criminal proceedings.
  • Other legal works.



Calculation of existing and possible risks for the company and management related to business activity


Increase in efficiency of the company during any business and legal processes


Take the situation under control


Minimization of negative consequences for the company and management

What you get

A team of lawyers who have successful experience in resolving the most difficult conflicts.

Unique methods and tools

Individual strategy of company protection depending on complexity and personal criteria.

Clear and comprehensible action strategy for all members of the company with an understanding of the role of each individual.

High-quality accompaniment from a team of professionals with 24/7 support.

Control over the situation.

Minimization of all possible types of losses for the company (financial, reputational, business blocking, etc.).

Renewal of/ and an increase in reputation in the market.

Our practices


International trade


Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions

Construction and development

Cooperation with state bodies

Renewable energy

Antitrust and competition law

Intellectual property

Tax and customs law

Criminal support


Transport and infrastructure

S&P Agency for business in numbers in recent years


of illegally blocked VAT returned


reduced the amount of tax paid by the investor


26 criminal cases against corporate executives of foreign companies on tax evasion were closed totaling


returned assets


saved costs


conflicts resolved

We conducted training for more than 45 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of GDP of Ukraine

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