Who are we

Siutkin & Partners Law Firm was founded in 2007. In the course of doing the law firm, there was an urgent need to transform the Siutkin & Partners Law Firm into an S&P consulting agency because of analyzing the level of complexity of cases, tasks, and clients need as well as significantly expanding the range of services, tools, and methods.

S&P Agency is currently a niche consulting company providing risk management, legal, tax, crisis communication, and investment security consulting services.

S&P Agency has established itself for 15 years as a reliable and highly effective strategic partner, business, legal, and tax advisor.

The rational combination of our services and their complementarity creates positive synergies, moreover allows us to develop and implement unique and highly effective business and investment strategies for our clients, including legal management strategies, tax, investment, and business risks.

For foreign companies that are just entering or planning to enter the Ukrainian market, we:

– carry out an audit of the reliability of clients and potential business partners;

– carry out an audit of possible business, investment, tax, and other risks, analysis of the loss of assets;

– develop and implement strategies to minimize risks,

– make adjustments to internal strategies to successfully enter the Ukrainian market and make a profit on it;

– accompany investment projects at all stages of their implementation;

– help to build a business model for the optimal implementation of the set business and financial tasks;

– accompany business activities, providing highly professional legal services.

For foreign companies already operating in Ukraine, we:

– prevent and identify any visible or potential additional charges that may come from the tax and regulatory authorities of Ukraine;

– prevent and identify possible loss of assets in the course of investment or ordinary business activities;

– help to reduce additional charges on the part of the regulatory authorities of Ukraine through a timely audit, development of a strategy, and implementation of adjustments by clients following our recommendations;

– audit internal strategies and regulations; implement the necessary compliance rules and procedures, which are essential for doing business in Ukraine;

– help to get out of complex criminal and legal proceedings;

– audit transaction risks;

– audit investment risks.

We help Ukrainian companies:

– to structure business processes following international standards and requirements of international partners;

– to develop schemes for the implementation of investment projects following the requirements of international investors;

– to reduce additional charges on the part of the regulatory authorities of Ukraine through a timely audit, development of a strategy, and implementation of adjustments by clients following our recommendations;

– to audit internal strategies and regulations; implement the necessary compliance rules and procedures, which are essential for doing business;

– successful exit from complex criminal and judicial processes;

– to audit transaction risks;

– to audit investment risks.

Throughout our activities, we have implemented hundreds of successful risk mitigation strategies for international and transnational companies, reducing our clients’ possible and actual multi-million-dollar losses.

We provide clients with consulting and legal services in Ukraine at a high professional level.

We have developed our methodology and tools to help foreign and Ukrainian companies build their business models and establish business processes in strict compliance with international standards worldwide.

We have personal recommendations from the leaders of the largest multinational companies, to whom we have helped over the last decades to minimize our risks and losses on the territory of Ukraine.



How can we help you

Our team is a useful and highly effective adviser for companies without full-time legal and tax advisers and those with them.

Our goal is to help you gain control over complex processes, make the most effective decisions, solve complex business problems, and help you avoid unfortunate mistakes in the future.

We help companies:

– To create a safe environment in the territory of Ukraine for conducting business and obtaining planned revenues.

– To understand the risks that exist in the market of Ukraine.

– To be aware of its risks when entering the market of Ukraine (including legal, investment, business, tax, and threats of loss of control over assets or business).

– To develop and implement strategies for analyzing, calculating, and minimizing risks in your business processes.

– To get out of the crisis if the situation happened for the company on the Ukrainian market (disputed or conflicting issues with business partners, tax, control, law enforcement agencies, etc.).

– To build partnerships based on parity and risk minimization for each partner.

– To conduct an audit and establish internal processes to calculate, model, and mitigate possible business, investment, financial risks (visible or potential), including additional charges by the controlling and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

– To get an audit of errors and options to adjust possible risks in the future.

– To develop preventive measures to minimize losses and risks in the future.


Risks and opportunities for Ukraine

Amid the global economic crisis, international business is looking for new sales markets and production areas to minimize production costs. Therefore, considering the latest world trends, the Ukrainian market is increasingly interested in global players as a promising platform for investment, expansion of the sales market for its products, and the transfer of production capacities to it, thus reducing production costs.

However, it is only in emerging markets that it is possible to return investments in short periods and make significant profits.

Though, such high-margin markets are also high-risk markets. Ukraine is no exception. Additional risks for foreign companies in our country are frequent changes in legislation, imperfections in judicial practice, risks of asset loss, tax risks, including significant surcharges from tax and regulatory authorities.

Despite the fact, as our long-term practice shows, almost all of the listed risks can and should be minimized. For successful businesses in Ukraine, their minimization should become the basis of business processes and decision-making.

It is possible to obtain the planned financial profit and control the “uncontrolled processes” only under this condition. In addition, we have unprecedented experience designing and implementing unique author strategies for any ambitious organization that seeks to turn risks into new business opportunities.

Unique in the strategies and solutions developed and implemented for our clients is that they are formed on the existing regulatory framework and necessarily include an approach of minimization of risks (business, investment, legal, tax, loss of assets, etc.).

Such solutions meet high business standards and allow our clients to receive the planned revenues. After all, they get high-tech and safe business solutions in such a risky but very profitable business environment as the market of Ukraine.


Our customers

Our clients are foreign, national, and international companies: IT, industrial, agricultural, manufacturers, service providers, retailers, multinational companies. They acutely understand the high level of business risk in Ukraine. Still, they have set ambitious goals to take control of such an “uncontrolled business environment” forecast, manage their risks, and achieve the highest financial performance. And objects have been achieved with our help.

Impeccably formed business processes of our clients, established due to the introduction and implementation of an effective risk management strategy, have become a guarantee of the planned profits and the absence of any claims for charges from both government agencies and third parties.