Audit and Risk Management

An effective tool for solving any or the most complex business problems
This is like GPS navigation for business with the ability to accurately correct course.


of problems business has in Ukraine is due to the lack of monitoring systems and/or risk management.

Risk management is a rather complex but accurate system for forecasting the development of a situation or conflict, as well as a consistent algorithm for adjusting the direction of the situation depending on where the campaign wants to get (what is the final point). That is, the main difference between the standard way to avoid a crisis and the way using the method of risk management is that in the first option the company simply moves forward to the desired (expected) end, and in the second option the path and road map are laid opposite – from the end point of where we want to be) to the point where we are now.

Figuratively speaking, this is GPS navigation for business with the ability to accurately adjust the course: you know where there are traffic jams, blocked roads, as well as which route will lead you to your destination the fastest.

In addition, it is a highly effective mechanism for controlling existing threats or those that have not yet emerged (future or implicit).

Risk management, therefore, is undoubtedly one of the most essential tools of doing business for any company.

What companies are in the risk zone

  • 1Well-known with significant market share (income).
  • 2Who are already in public space.
  • 3Who won the tender (public tenders) for state property objects.
  • 4In respect of which there is a competitive war is or conflicts with partners.
  • 5Which have significant tax additions.
  • 6Regarding the leaders of which criminal cases were opened.

Basic Mistakes

  • lack of monitoring, analysis and risk management mechanisms implemented in the business processes;
  • lack of competencies and practical experience in the spheres of monitoring and risk management among (full-time) employees;
  • lack of independent advisers with comprehensive practical experience, who know the range of mechanisms and are masters of the tools for monitoring, managing and minimizing risks;
  • adoption of managerial, financial and legal decisions without preliminary monitoring and modelling of the development of a situation or conflict based on an established risk management system;
  • lack of a clear vision of event development and the ability to predict them.

What sorts of losses are incurred by companies




loss of market share and customers.


blocking of economic activity.

Types of threats we work with

investment M&A;

internal and external business conflicts;

business processes and partnerships;

loss of assets, financial losses;


anticompetitive actions;


illegal (unlawful) actions of state and law enforcement agencies;




of any losses that companies in Ukraine or around the world incur are due to either errors in calculating risks or the absence of such calculations at all.

Our solutions for avoiding threats and losses

Risk-based Auditing

- monitoring and analysis of certain situations;

- identifying existing risks;

- modelling possible risks in the future.

Risk Management

- creation of a strategy to minimize future risks;

- creation of a strategy for managing existing risks;

- selection of appropriate risk management tools depending on the situation, its stage and company goals.

- implementation of a developed strategy for risk minimization and management;

- assessment of results achieved and adjustment of risk strategy.



detection rate of existing and future threats and losses.


increase in company efficiency in solving complex problems and settling conflicts.


effectiveness of management, legal and financial decisions taking into account identified existing and future threats.

The company takes under control the conflict or difficult situation.
The company takes under control the conflict or difficult situation.
The company receives a clear algorithm (road map) on how to successfully resolve the conflict, solve problems and prevent them.
The company receives a clear algorithm (road map) on how to successfully resolve the conflict, solve problems and prevent them.
All types of threats and possible losses are minimized.
All types of threats and possible losses are minimized.

S&P Agency for business in numbers for recent years


returned illegally locked VAT


tax burden reduced for investors


saved property


returned assets

2,5 $billion

saved costs


conflicts seltled

We have trained more than 45 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of Ukraine's GDP


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  • Who is responsible for managing company risks?
  • What approaches are used when managing risk?
  • What are the main risks for an entrepreneur?
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