Risks Management

  • Modeling and identifying existing and/or possible risks.
  • Analyzing and assessing risks.
  • Selecting possible risk management tools.
  • Building a risk minimization strategy.
  • Implementing the developed risk minimization strategy.
  • Evaluating the achieved results and adjusting the strategy.
We believe that the success and performance of each company depend on how well the company manages its unique risks. Risk management is crucial for a successful business, especially in Ukraine – a country in transition, with an unstable political situation. Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, minimizing and controlling threats which arise in front of a company. These threats may be related to finance, company assets, legal obligations, governance, anticompetitive actions, illegal and unlawful actions of the state and law enforcement agencies.

Risk analysis identifies existing and potential threats to a company, analyzes its weaknesses. This process is based on information and facts, includes characterizing assets, identifying threats and weaknesses, analyzing controls, determining probabilities, analyzing impacts, determining risk types and the initial plan of actions. At the end of the risk analysis, the company receives a list of assets that are at risk, a list of risks of existing and/or possible risks the company faces, and a list of actions the company must take to minimize its weaknesses.

Types of risks we work with:


  • Business risks
  • Investment risks
  • Financial risks
  • Reputational risks
  • Legal risks