S&P Agency in Kyiv Post Ranking: trust of independent experts

Kyiv Post is the first and the most popular Ukrainian English-language newspaper that publishes topical news of the world and Ukrainian business every week. In April, the edition published an independent ranking of TOP 50 Law firms in Ukraine. The S&P Agency Investment Risk Management not only took rightful place among the best legal companies in Ukraine but also entered the TOP 5 Law firms in Ukraine in the Transparency and Responsibility category, in which took an honorable 4th place.

For the first time in 12 years, S&P Agency Investment Risk Management has taken part in the national ranking due to its independence and high reputation among Kyiv Post experts.

The Kyiv Post ranking was based on the comprehensive, honest, non-commercial analysis of Ukrainian legal firms. Kyiv Post team monitored competent ratings in Ukraine and abroad to define which companies’ features are most valuable for clients. Candidates were ranked in five categories: responsibility, approachability, internationality, social balance and common strength of a legal firm. To evaluate the reliability and quality of companies, the experts and team of the Kyiv Post developed the most objective method based on mathematical formulas.

Publishing its first ranking, the Kyiv Post edition expressed its hope that impartial research will become the basement for trust in rankings from both community and legal entities side. The 50 best legal services providers were selected first of all for the quality of service they guarantee to clients. The researchers did not take into account the scale of firms. The bases of the evaluation were transparency, approachability and benefits, which their activity brings to Ukrainian society and business. The ranking compilers mainly oriented to businesses which need legal support and ongoing advice for efficient work. A follow up from Kyiv Post readers showed that results of such kind research are appreciated. They motivate companies to improve and show readers the true market leaders in legal services.

We are proud of the trust of the independent Kyiv Post experts! The best value of our activity is the results of work performed.

The special feature of S&P Agency Investment Risk Management is in effective combining of risk management, crisis management, reputational protection and jurisprudence. Herewith, the legal strategy development and its appliance fundamentally differ from standard legal tools and mechanisms. We believe we help businesses change the economic system from the inside.

Our performance over the past three years (in figures):

  • additional tax requirements and fees for companies have been reduced in the total amount of 400 million UAH;
  • thanks to successful proceedings, VAT in the amount of 50 million UAH have been returned to business;
  • illegally blocked VAT in the amount of 370 million UAH has been returned to the current amount;
  • 25 criminal proceedings against foreign companies have been canceled in the total amount of 950 million UAH;
  • trainings for more than 45 foreign companies have been conducted.

Name: Mykola

Surname: Siutkin

Email: siutkin@sp.agency

Phone: +380443830000

Company address: 10 Redutnaya Street, Kyiv, Ukraine

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