A Single Account for Customs Payments Started Functioning

From April 16, all customs clearance of enterprises’ goods will be carried out solely through a single account.
The introduction of a single account was foreseen by the Procedure for transferring customs and other payments to the state budget entered into/during the customs clearance, which came into force on December 19, 2017.

The new procedure for transferring payments to the customs budget should reduce the time of customs clearance of goods, since the funds will be accounted for in one card – a personal account of the subject of foreign economic activity. Such innovation is welcomed by the business, as there will be no need to submit several declarations to different customs offices, to transfer funds to various customs, which had different accounts before.

From now on, all customs will have a single account and declarations will be served in any customs office.

Nearly two years have passed since the adoption of the relevant resolution, but according to the SFS, a separate unit has been set up to ensure the functioning of a single account,
modern software for direct communication between the SFS and the Treasury has been developed. This is done to control funds both during the process of receiving funds from enterprises and during transferring funds to the budget.

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