October 20, Mykola Siutkin spoke to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses at the first Get Business Festival. Founder and CEO of S&P Investment Risk Management Agency told entrepreneurs about the current raiding and ways to counter it. And also as at the initial stage of building a business to avoid mistakes, which can lead to its loss in the future.

Mykola Siutkin noted that 90% of mistakes that an entrepreneur makes at the start of commercial activities are legal in nature. And it is they that enable interested parties to take away a business quickly. “Today’s raider is not only interested in large enterprises and assets. Raiding in Ukraine went down to small business. If you develop a micro, small or medium enterprise and you have a stable income, believe me, you are already considered as an “object”. The only way that will allow you to resist the raider is not to make yourself an error when starting a business and “play by the rules” in the course of economic activity”, – he said in his speech. The founder of the S&P Investment Risk Management Agency cited the main mistakes that entrepreneurs make at the start and in the process of their economic activity. Among them, in particular, the launch of business without a full package of permits, its management on the basis of oral agreements, legal ignorance, etc.

The absence of a legal adviser, which will help to state the consequences, is one of the main reasons for the occurrence of errors, believes Mykola Siutkin. Realizing that a novice entrepreneur can not afford to start using the services of high-priced lawyers or asset protection consultants, S&P Investment Risk Management Agency invested in the creation of a special portal – social project of S&P Agency. The purpose of it`s the creation is to make a legal expertise available to everyone. The portal provides legal services online. On the site, more than two thousand experts have been gathered on all types of law and any kind of entrepreneurial activity. Lawyers and attorneys at law provide advice, help with the drafting and analysis of documents, represent the interests of the client in state institutions and organizations.

To date, through, about 4000 legal issues of clients have been solved, the portal has more than 115 entrepreneurs on constant service, and the average check for consultant services is 300 hryvnia.

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