15-th Kyiv Post CEO Breakfast: “Ukraine`s Road to Prosperity”

The 15th meeting throughout Kiev Post CEO Breakfast was held on July 10. Traditionally, the business partners of Kiev Post CEO Breakfast were S&P Agency Investment Risk Management and DHL Global Forwarding Ukraine.


The theme of the meeting was – “Ukraine`s Road to Prosperity”. The participants talked about the need to create the Fiscal Service for investigations, the effectiveness of the Anti-corruption Court, gas prices, subsidies and creation of the viable mechanism for prevention of smuggling and other issues of importance.

Business representatives noted the significant improvements in the banking sector. After years of crisis and financial losses, today we can talk about increasing liquidity and, in prospect, empowering of the creditors.

In addition, the issues of increasing the real estate tax, restrictions to the abuse of transfer pricing, the legal status of the tax police, as well as the urgent topic of the rooting out corruption at the customs and other areas of the public and private sectors were discussed.

Speaking about our country’s prosperity, the participants of the 15th CEO Breakfast under the auspices of Kyiv Post came to the conclusion that Ukraine is a worthy investment country with all the chances of success. Unfortunately, positive changes are taking place in our country too slowly. Ukraine has a huge potential that can be realized in the presence of a favorable business climate and the implementation of necessary reforms. As of today, unfortunately, direct investments in Ukraine remain negligible.

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