International сonference “The Tiger Conference” was held with the support of “Syutkin and partners”

Every year the International Conference gathers a large number of representatives of the public sector, business and social organizations.

This year, “The Tiger Conference” gathered more than 350 participants from around the world, 24 speaker among them.

Among the key issues on which the discussions took place, stood out the issues of transparency of legislation and separation of powers of the government. During the discussion of economic topics in Ukraine, the speakers drew attention to the importance of the fight against corruption and the shadow economy. Participants talked about the problems of energy and subsidized prices for electricity and came to the conclusion that Ukraine must ensure such pricing, which would stimulate production and efficiency. In matters of leadership agreed on the fact that government leaders need to focus their efforts on the creation of unity and common vision of the future.

Partners of “Syutkin and partners” Law Firm, with the support of which the conference was held, emphasize the importance of such an event which helps to coordinate and integrate the efforts of the representatives of different branches of government and business at solving of current economic and legal issues in Ukraine.

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