The S&P Agency team helped the International Stevidor Company to leave the port of Ukraine and stop the illegal actions of the GEI of the North-Western Black Sea region who detained the ship, which reduced the losses of a foreign client in the amount of $ 90,000.



The S&P Agency team has helped the international stevedoring company to depart from the Ukrainian port within the shortest time and has stopped illegal actions of the SEI inspectors of the North-West region of the Black Sea, who detained a ship, which has reduced losses of the foreign client in the amount of 90,000 USD.

In the Mykolaiv seaport, inspectors of the SEI illegally detained a ship which was loaded with the client’s products. Herewith, in freight documents, environmentalists stamped “Radiological control. Import/export is prohibited”, and inspectors accused the captain of the ship in dropping polluted ballast water to the port’s aquatic area.
Thanks to professional actions of the S&P Agency team, it was quickly managed to settle a dispute with the SEI of the North-West region of the Black Sea, proving the unlawfulness of their actions, and to avoid a longtime ship demurrage thanks to which the client reduced their losses in the amount of about 90,000 USD.

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