Компания S&P Agency вернула клиенту изъятое во время обысков имущество на сумму более 3 млн. грн.



The S&P Agency company has returned the property exempted during searches in the amount of over 3 million UAH to its client.


In 10 days after the S&P Agency attorneys entered criminal proceedings on false accusation of the client in production and realization counterfeit goods which did not meet the established quality standards and safety, we achieved the return of the exempted property of over 3 million UAH to the client - finished products and raw materials for its production, as well as production equipment, documents and computer equipment, which the client unsuccessfully had been trying to return for 8 months. Due to prompt and persistent actions of the attorneys of the S&P Agency team, the commercial activity of the client on production and realization has been restored.

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