S&P Agency stopped the spread of inaccurate information and refuted the false Vedomosti of the Press Conference of Clang on one of the main national informative Internet resources.


The S&P Agency company has stopped spreading of unreliable information and has rebutted false information about the client’s press-conference on one of the main national informational web-portals

The S&P Agency company worked out a strategy to rebut unreliable information published on one of the national informational web-portals. The information about the client was materially misrepresented and did not correspond to the actual course of the client’s press-conference.
Thanks to the systematic work of the S&P Agency experts, within a minimal deadline, a violation by the informational resource authors was proven. They deleted that unreliable information about the client from the informational web-portal, and truthful and faithful information about both the client and the press-conference was provided on informational web-portals.

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