S&P Agency began the process against the dissemination of inaccurate information about the client on one of the national television channels of Ukraine, which has received and successfully completed the court decision to refute false information


The S&P Agency company has initiated proceedings against spreading of unreliable information about the client on one of the national channels of Ukraine, due to which a court decision on rebutting of unreliable information has been received and successfully complied.

Attorneys of S&P Agency filed a claim and immediately received a court’s decision on recognizing information in a certain TV program as unreliable and which abases honor, dignity and business reputation. Thanks to this, the TV channel was obligated to remove the video from the website which contained such information and was in common access on the website of the TV channel. Besides, the court compelled the TV channel to provide the client with time to rebut unreliable information about their production.

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