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Founders of S&P Agency Investment Risk Management Mykola Siutkin and Nataliia Osadcha took part at the most creative business event of the year “Business Wisdom Summit 2017” in the role of speakers. In their speech, the speakers raised the question of whether Ukrainian business can make a transition from a “toxic” and corrupt environment and build a new ecosystem in Ukraine.

Mykola Siutkin is convinced than entrenched behavior patterns prevent Ukrainian entrepreneurs from building an ideal business and adequately interacting with state bodies. “Unfortunately, a businessman in Ukraine does not know what will happen to him tomorrow. He always needs to negotiate with someone, wait for something, be afraid for his assets. “

At the same time, Nataliia Osadcha stressed that here, in Ukraine, there is a parallel world where foreign companies work exclusively within the legal framework, perfectly applying legal methods of upholding their rights. Why do they get it, but do not have a business with an “Ukrainian face”? The reason is solely in the mental perception and readiness of the business to play fair by themselves. Rules that are set at the level of legislation and law, rules that work in both directions – both in relation to business, and in relation to persons who do not quite “legally” use authority. The rules, subject to which the business begins to develop, not to survive.

According to the founders of the S&P Agency Investment Risk Management, the transition from the toxic world to a normal eco-environment in our country is possible. Rule number one in this regarding Ukrainian business is to begin to apply fully the mechanisms and instruments that the current legislation gives us.

Together with clients, S&P Agency Investment Risk Management forms a new, non-toxic essence of the relationship between business and government.

“Using the same tools within the existing legislative framework, we are building an entirely different, environmentally friendly world. It operates legislation, and business sets its own rules of the game, feels protected and acquires subjectivity in communicating with the state. Here is the rule number two – to make an internal decision “In which world do I choose to live?” This is exclusively a question of our choice”, Mykola Siutkin summed up in his speech.

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