Благодаря комплексным действиям команды S&P Agency все аресты, наложенные на имущество группы компаний с иностранными инвестициями (на сумму около 180 000 000 дол. США) и их должностных лиц, отменены.



Thanks to complex actions of the S&P Agency team, all arrests seized on the property of a group of companies with foreign investments in the amount of about 180 000 000 USD and their officials have been canceled.


After collecting necessary evidences and information on criminal proceedings, in which officials of a group of companies with foreign investments were suspected in committing a number of criminal violations, multiple petitions were filed on withdrawal an attachment of a group of companies and their officials that are real estates, transport and so on. During the consideration of mentioned petitions, the defense team proved under the satisfaction of the court the absence of justified apprehensions and other reasons for the arrest of property. After investigating petitions’ materials and evaluating arguments of both parties, court made a decision to cancel the arrest of property.

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