В S&P Agency Hub был проведен закрытый VIP-тренинг для СЕО крупных турецких компаний, представителей Международного союза бизнесменов Украины и Турции (TUİD).

6 июня 2019 года

A closed VIP training was held at S&P Agency Hub for the CEOs of large Turkish companies, representatives of the International Union of Businessmen of Ukraine and Turkey (TUİD).

The speaker of practical training, co-founder of S&P Agency, PhD, MBA, Natalya Osadchaya, conducted a detailed analysis of high-profile cases of large foreign companies and paid special attention to business conflicts and major mistakes of top management in business management in Ukraine. The training was based on the successful 20-year experience of the S&P Agency in protecting the interests of foreign companies in Ukraine. The event discussed the need for a risk assessment system in the company, looked through practical tools and ways to minimize risks.

We are glad to have a fruitful cooperation with TUİD!

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