How business can build effective cooperation with tax and law enforcement agencies

Author training of S&P Investment Risk Management Agency is the unique analytical work of our specialists for heads of enterprises. The training speakers analyze the risks of pre-trial investigation and criminal prosecution of companies, model the development options of criminal proceedings and analyze the consequences and risks for each model.

The training includes the following issues:

  • CFO Types and analysis of business risks for companies, and personally for CEO and CFO
  • Scenarios of law enforcement actions, their tactics and ulterior motives
  • The consequences of adopting various types of management decisions
  • Ways to minimize risks for companies and management
  • Analysis of the case study of Outstaff LLC and Outsourcing LLC, development options of criminal proceedings for companies using outstaffing services


Training duration: 5 hours, including a coffee break and answers to questions.

For: financial directors, chief accountants, and heads of legal departments.

Practices and 20 years of experience of S&P specialists – for the efficient operation of your business!

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