“90% of the errors that the entrepreneur makes are legal in nature,” said Mykola Siutkin.

October 20, 2017

On October 20, Mykola Siutkin, the founder and CEO of S&P Agency, spoke to the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses at the Get Business Festival. The topic of the speech is raiding, ways of confronting and the main mistakes made by entrepreneurs.

“90% of mistakes made by an entrepreneur are of a legal nature,” — said Mykola Siutkin.

The founder of his own successful business, Mykola Siutkin focused the attention of the audience on important issues for every entrepreneur: the correct start of the business and the search for professional legal advisors. The speaker also spoke about the social project Lawyer.ua, which was created to help start-ups and small business representatives succeed in running their businesses.

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