Foreign investors’ mistakes in an unstable business and political environment

This unique and exclusive practical training has been developed by the partners of S&P Investment Risk Management Agency to provide owners and managers of foreign companies with a broader vision of business risks in Ukraine.

This training is based on the S&P Investment Risk Management Agency partners’ 20-year experience in the field of protecting foreign companies in Ukraine.

Our training consists of two parts.

Theory: We make clear what risk management is and why foreign businesses in Ukraine need it; we identify mistakes and ways to minimize business risks. During the training, we show types of losses from which companies without any risk analysis system can suffer. We also explore in detail the issue of business conflicts and problem situations. We systematize the types of problems and major mistakes of foreign investors, as well as and provide a clear algorithm and tools for avoiding these problem situations.

Practice: We deeply analyze high-profile and sensational cases of large foreign companies. We focus on the main mistakes of top management during conducting business activities in Ukraine and the losses which businesses suffer as a result.

Training duration: 3 hours, including a coffee break and answers to questions.

For: CEO (managers and owners of enterprises)

We share only actionable advice and well-tested tools. This will help minimize possible negative consequences and hone a successful system of doing business in Ukraine.

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