The topic of raiding remains relevant and at the same time very painful for Ukraine, especially for foreign investors.

June 24, 2016

Syutkin&Partners Law Firm (now S&P Agency) together with USUBC, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Business Ombudsman, Deloitte, Representative of the anti-raider union and representatives of Arricano Real Estate, who suffered from a hostile takeover, held a round table on “Protecting your business and assets from raiding”.

Natalya Osadchaya, the partner of Syutkin&Partners Law Firm, drew the attention the big role of the business in protecting its assets. The speaker emphasized the fact that not only the owner of the assets is responsible for their safety, but also business owners should be engaged in “prevention of raiding”, which is necessary even at the stage of “entering the project” or at the stage of an actual investment.

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