Business conflicts in Ukraine. Criminal prosecution as one of the elements of a business conflict.

Practical training from leading specialists of S&P Investment Risk Management Agency provides company executives the opportunity to look at the business conflict, the causes and consequences of main business mistakes from a different point of view. On real examples, speakers will show that the criminal prosecution of business is not an isolated problem, but just one of the elements of the conflict.

The training includes the following issues:

  • What is the business conflict in Ukraine, its types and consequences
  • Playing by the rules of law enforcement. Methods of work of law enforcers and practical advice on confronting their dubious actions.
  • The main tools of law enforcement agencies. What is the difference between survey and search?
  • Business mistakes during the conflict and their consequences. Recommendations for company management.


Training duration: 5 hours, including a coffee break and answers to questions.

For: financial directors, chief accountants, and heads of legal departments

Effective recommendations of S&P specialists for successful business conflict resolution!


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