about company

For more than 10 years S&P Investment Risk Management Agency has worked in cooperation with Ukrainian and international companies, helping business to invest freely, we also protected and developed business property and assets on the territory of Ukraine. The key specialization of S&P is focused in such areas as: protection of business (including protection from the illegal merger); consulting on assets and investments development ; prevention of corporate conflicts; anti-crisis consulting — responding to corporate conflicts that already exist.



What we are doing

We find alternative ways within the legal field for the shortest possible way to achieve the desired goal. Our team develops and implements transparent strategies for resolving complex legal tasks, which are often outside of the conflict parties vision. Hundreds of those business cases, that we have won, saved billions for our customers.



  • 1

    To help to find a way to reach the maximum possible result in the given situation.

  • 2

    To minimize legal client’s risks while implementing the strategy that we have developed for a client

  • 3

    We organize an opportunity of doing business on the highest level of profitability staying in the legal field


As a result of mutual work, our client gets good reputation which protects him from repeated complaints


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