Top 7: the most demanded services of a consulting company

When we start doing business, we begin to face various difficulties in tax, reputation and management issues. As the company grows, the number of difficulties increases: how to profitably use the profits, how to attract investors, in which direction to develop your business, how to manage your reputation or remove risks in business.

You can endlessly look for the right solutions yourself and learn from your mistakes, but it’s still better to order a consultation from experienced specialists in order to do everything right the first time and not aggravate the situation. That’s what consulting is for.

Consulting is needed in order to improve business performance: profitability, profitability, efficiency, liquidity, market value. If the company does not have the necessary specialists in its staff, then it should seek advice from external experts and consultants.

The range of issues that can be solved with the help of consulting is quite wide. Sometimes it can be a whole range of tasks, and sometimes it is provided only in a narrow area of ​​business or business activity.

The most popular consulting services from S&P Agency:

Legal consulting. Our company develops and provides legal services to the client along with a risk minimization strategy. Thus, the legal strategy itself and its implementation are fundamentally different from standard legal tools and approaches.

Management of risks. Risk analysis identifies existing and potential risks for the company. The risk management process is based on information and facts, therefore it includes: characterization of assets, identification of threats and weaknesses of the business, determination of the probability of risks, analysis of their impact, determination of the type of risk and the initial action plan to neutralize it. At the end of the risk analysis, the company receives a list of assets at risk, an account of the existing and possible risks that the company faces, and, of course, a list of necessary actions to minimize them.

Risk audit. The service for the development and implementation of a risk minimization strategy includes the classification of the most common risks:

  • financial;
  • reputational;
  • legal;
  • in investment projects, M&A;
  • business processes and partnerships.

Crisis communications. Reputation protection. Brand identity is one of the most valuable intangible assets of a company. Therefore, one of the main goals of the company is to protect the brand identity and maintain its positive reputation in the industry.

Reputation is an intangible concept, but studies show that a good reputation increases the company’s value in the market.

The crisis can have a negative impact on the image of the brand and the company as a whole. Successful companies that understand the value of the brand and reputation of their business hire experts and consultants in crisis communications to protect their own business reputation from various threats and conflict challenges.

PR consulting – includes research, analysis, conclusion and development of strategies by specialists that help companies achieve a high return on their activities.

This type of consulting helps the management of the company in that it contributes to the adoption of optimal business decisions, as well as the formation of the marketing policy of the enterprise. In addition to traditional PR consulting, a legal component is also offered for each research and problem solving. This encourages the use of only permitted business mechanisms and the avoidance of those that are prohibited.

Defense in criminal proceedings. Development of a strategy and implementation of comprehensive protection in criminal proceedings at all stages of the process: at the request of third parties in relation to the company and its officials; at the request of the company in relation to counterparties, employees, officials; participation in various investigative actions against the company, as well as its employees (search, inspection, interrogation).

Comprehensive business protection. S&P Agency conducts a strategic assessment of the effectiveness of the business structure formed by the client. To do this, the company develops and implements on a turnkey basis comprehensive business protection from existing and possible illegal actions of third parties or government agencies.
S&P Agency is a niche consulting company providing risk management, legal, tax, crisis communications and investment security consulting services. During its existence, it has established itself as a reliable and effective strategic partner, business legal and tax consultant.

The experience of S&P Agency allows us to develop and implement unique and highly effective business and investment strategies for our clients, including strategies for managing legal, tax, investment and business risks.

Our goal is to create the most favorable conditions for your business development, increase your rating and recognition as a business. On, and for this we spare neither our strength nor knowledge.

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