On October 13, at the S&P Agency Investment Risk Management, was held a regular closed meeting of representatives of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine diplomatic corps and the heads of the largest Swiss companies operating in our country.

Within the framework of the Swiss Business Meeting, businessmen talked about the specifics of doing business in Ukraine, investment protecting, Swiss values of reliability and their potential application in Ukraine. Opening the meeting, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Ukraine, Mr. Guillaume Scheurer, stressed the importance of creating such platforms for the discussion of the business community by the Swiss business representatives and the practical aspects of conducting business in Ukraine. In particular, he cited an example of successful efforts consolidation and cooperation of a local company to assess investment risks, the office of the business ombudsman and the Swiss Embassy in successfully protecting the interests of a foreign investor in a conflict with the state. This is a recent case with the Swiss company named Risoil.


The meeting was also attended by the business ombudsman in Ukraine, Algirdas Shemeta, who spoke about the joint initiative of the UNIC (Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance) launched in May of this year for companies that work in accordance with the principles of transparency, honesty and openness, thereby contributing to the development of the idea of responsible business conducting in our country.

Nataliia Osadcha, co-founder of the S&P Agency Investment Risk Management, speaking in front of Swiss businessmen, told about why conflict situations with the state arise, how to identify them, how to approach the conflict correctly and get out of it as a winner. And she also mentioned how to minimize risks by doing business in Ukraine.

In particular, Natalia Osadcha drew attention to such basic mistakes of entrepreneurs in conflict situation that could lead to the loss of assets and business in general:

  • not carrying out preventive measures;
  • management mistakes, which in 80% of cases are the
    cause of the conflict; ignoring the conflict;
  • incorrect identification of the conflict situation;
  • incorrect risks assessment and incorrectly selected
    tools (PR, GR, crisis communication, legal strategy, business protection etc).


S&P Agency Investment Risk Management thank the Ambassador of Switzerland in Ukraine, Mr. Guillaume Scheurer, for creating the conditions for organizing such a closed meeting, as well as the owners and CEO of Swiss companies operating in Ukraine, for sharing examples from their work experience in our country “uncensored”.

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