Litigation with the tax service is the final act for the company to prove its position, and it depends on the court decision whether the taxpayer is really obliged to pay additional taxes. The position for the court is carefully formed at all stages of relations with regulatory authorities, starting even with the tax audit itself, and even earlier — in preparation for it. At the same time, preparation for the trial must be carefully carried out at all other stages — in particular, at the stage of verification, denial and appeal of the conclusions of the tax authority.Tax control — this is one of the forms of supervision over the economic activities of entrepreneurs. In the event of tax litigation, the business owner can take steps to challenge unfavorable findings of authorities or their procedural errors even before a decision is made. To do this, the following means of appeal are used:

Tax control is a form of supervision of the economic activity of entrepreneurs. In the case of tax litigation, the business owner may take action to challenge the adverse findings of the authorities or their procedural errors, even before a decision is made.

For this the following remedies are available:

  • Objection to inspection activities;
  • Clauses and explanations to the inspection act;
  • Complaint of excessive length of inspection.

We provide legal services in tax disputes, advise on their settlement. Our assistance in tax inspections is intended for audited taxpayers (entrepreneurs, which are subject to control).

What services do we provide to companies in the process of disputes with the tax authorities:

  • Preparing objections to the review act and forming protecting the interests of the client when considering objections by the tax authority;
  • appeal against the actions of the tax authorities;
  • Protection of the client’s interests in the course of administrative appeal against decisions of the tax authority;
  • Protection of the client’s interests at the stage of judicial appeal against decisions of the tax authority in all instances;
  • Protection of a company in a criminal proceeding related to the additional assessment of taxes and fees.


100% calculation of existing and possible risks for the company and management related to tax audits;95% increase in company efficiency during scheduled and unscheduled inspections;90% of gaining control over the current situation;70% minimization of negative consequences for the company and its management.

What you get:

  • A team of consultants, auditors, tax consultants, lawyers with successful experience in resolving complex conflicts and, thanks to this, the abolition of additional tax charges for hundreds of millions of dollars in relation to our customers.
  • Unique and proven by many years of practice methods and tools, with the help of which tax disputes, including international tax disputes, were dozens of large international and Ukrainian companies have been withdrawn.
  • An individual company defense strategy depending on the complexity of tax disputes and personal criteria.
  • A clear and understandable algorithm of actions for all employees of the company and an understanding of the role of each during tax audits.</li >
  • High quality support from a team of professionals with 24/7 support.
  • Be in control, help with tax matters and don’t panic.
  • Minimizing all possible types of losses for the company (financial, reputational, blocking business activities, etc.).</ span>
  • Recovery and reputation of the company in the market and in society.

In case of any disputes with the IRS, every minute counts. Our specialists will provide you with qualified assistance in disputes with the Tax Inspectorate or in tax litigation. Do not risk your reputation and safety of the company, trying to figure out the legislation yourself. Only an experienced expert who is involved in solving the issue in a timely manner guarantees you protection in tax audits and successful resolution of disputes!


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