The right to a budgetary refund of VAT to a large international holding has been renewed, accrued liabilities on value-added tax and penalties in the total amount of 62 million UAH have been canceled.


As a result of the audit within an international company, tax inspectors made decisions which accrued additional liabilities on profits tax, increased an object to tax by a profits tax, reduced the amount of budgetary refund of VAT, additionally accrued a liability on VAT, and applied heavy penalties in the amount of over 62 million UAH.

Our experts prepared a detailed well-justified claim which reflected issues of confirming the reality of commercial transactions, the unjustified responsibility put on taxpayers for defaults by their counterparty, issues regarding amortization charges for decommissioned projects, provided evidence of changes in property status of enterprise, and movements of assets.

Our company successfully defended the client’s rights in the first-instance court, which agreed with the position of the company and satisfied all the requirements.

As a result of our work, the international company not only renewed the right to a budgetary refund of value-added tax and has reduced its tax liabilities in the total amount of 62 million UAH, but has also got an actual pecuniary indemnity of VAT to the account.

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