The S&P Agency team helped one of the largest world grain traders to stop the illegal actions of ecologists who detained his ship with a cargo in the Black Sea Port, which reduced losses to a foreign client by $ 150,000.



The S&P Agency team has helped one of the world’s largest grain traders to stop illegal actions of the environmentalists who detained their ship with cargo in Chornomorsk seaport, thereby reducing losses to the foreign client by 150,000 USD.

A ship with a cargo of the world’s largest grain traders was detained in the Chornomorsk port.
After successful passing of radiological control in documents on the cargo, they stamped “Radiological control. Import/export is prohibited” without any explanations.
The S&P Agency team developed a protection strategy, carried out professional work on its realization and, once again, within the shortest time, protected the client’s interests, proving the groundlessness and unlawfulness of the SEI in detaining the ship. Thanks to the professionalism of the S&P Agency, an illegally detained ship was quickly let off from the port of Ukraine. Ship demurrage has been significantly reduced, and the client has saved about 50,000 USD.

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