For an international holding, the right to a budgetary refund of VAT has been renewed, accrued liabilities on value-added tax and penalties in the total amount of 62 million UAH have been canceled.


As a result of the audit, for an international company, tax inspectors made decisions, which additionally accrued liabilities on profits tax, reduced an amount of budgetary refund of VAT, and additionally accrued liability on VAT in the amount of over 62 million UAH.

A well-formed client’s rights protection concept in the instant dispute, the diligent work of our experts on analyzing documentation on commercial transactions, and interaction with client’s counterparties became a guarantee in receiving the final decision in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine in favor of the client.

As a result of our work, the international company has not only renewed its right to a budgetary refund on the value-added tax and has reduced its tax liabilities in the total amount of 62 million UAH, but has also received an actual pecuniary indemnity of VAT to the account.

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