Additionally accrued liabilities on profits tax have been canceled to a large foreign holding in the amount of about 40 million UAH.


As a result of the tax audit for company’s client, one of the leaders of the corn market, an amount of liability on profits tax was increased and penalties in the amount of about 40 million UAH were charged.

The complexity of the case was in the fact that it was referred to our company after the first instance court decision to dismiss satisfaction of stated claims. Moreover, due to getting the negative decision in the first-instance court, materials were referred for prejudicial inquiry conduction to investigate in relation to employees of the company.  Due to well-prepared and successfully realized legal proposition, appending additional strong evidence in favor of the client, attorneys of the company managed to convince the court’s panel of the appealed instance in the lawfulness of the client’s claims; the first instance  court decision was canceled, and stated claims of the client were satisfied in full.

As a result of our team’s work, the client has not only saved money in the amount of 40 million of UAH but has also got a decision about criminal proceedings cancelation against officials.

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