“Only the guarantees of observance of fundamental investor rights can attract money to Ukraine,” insist 4th Kyiv Post CEO Dinner guests.

“Business in Ukraine cannot become successful simply by surviving,” maintain 4th Kyiv Post CEO Dinner guests.

At the 4th Kyiv Post CEO dinner, CEOs of the largest Ukrainian companies and representatives of government bodies discussed the imperfections of the taxation system, Ukraine’s foreign debts, the current political situation and possible ways to stimulate foreign investment.

“S&P Agency” law firm has traditionally acted as a partner of the event.

Over the past year, some progress has been made in changing the perception of Ukraine’s image among the international community. At the same time, foreign investors maintain that the risks are still high for companies doing business in Ukraine, however, they also note that the economy has stabilized and there is a growing interest in our country as a potential investment object. According to representatives of large businesses, it is not advertising that will attract large investments to Ukraine, but the observance of fundamental investor rights, such as private property protection and guaranteed safety of investors’ assets on the territory of Ukraine.

“Business does not trust advertising, business believes and makes decisions based on real cases,” says Nataliya Osadcha, partner at S & P. “And particularly, until cases of unprecedented violation of the rights of foreign investors in Ukraine and real examples of conflicts between the State and large businesses continue to dominate the information space, such as the case of the Swiss company Risoil SA, direct large investments will not come to our country, but will be poured into the less risky markets of our neighbors like Poland or Romania.”

Nowadays, in order to work in Ukraine, business must simply survive, constantly adapt to the rules that are changing every day, fight corruption and pressure from the State. All the guests of the CEO dinner agree that the supremacy of law and property rights protection must be regarded as key prerequisites not only for attracting new investments to Ukraine, but also for maintaining the existing ones.

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