Kyiv Post CEO Breakfast guests discussed ways to fight corruption

The main issues of the discussion were how to break corrupt links among politicians, businessmen and bureaucracy?

In recent years, the political and business communities are open about the conduct of transparent schemes without corruption. What are the realities and forecasts for business today?

During the meeting, on 12 February, businessmen unanimously reported a moderate success in this direction. Due to the announced fight against corruption, many top – managers and business owners bypass the corrupt schemes and recourse to the legal solution of issues with government agencies. This approach to doing business is guaranteed helps to avoid criminal prosecution for businesses in the future.

Low trust was expressed to the judges, law enforcement agencies, political parties and the tax authorities, reflecting public attitude. That leads to the conclusion about the need for reforms in these structures.

Also a debate took place on the privatization of state enterprises, which are for sale. How to effect a deal legitimate, so as not to have any negative effects?

Summing up the results of the 5th Kyiv Post CEO Breakfast, all the participants – representatives of big business and bureaucracy – expressed the need for legal assistance at all stages of the business, as well as on the legal transparent cooperation with government agencies.

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