Business support in the process of cooperation with contracting parties of different levels aimed for pollution control and to prevent the emergence of conflicts  

S&P provides this type of service to customers who are just starting to conduct business in Ukraine, being at the “zero stage”. It also can be efficient for business owners who have already conducted a pollution control, minimized their risks or settled the conflict.

As part of its strategic business support, S&P models possible scenarios and develops the whole required set of tactics and mechanics of interaction with counterparties at various levels. That is required in order to minimize the risks of conflict occurrence/recurrence. In particular, the company performs the following actions:

  • complex monitoring of the environment in which the business is located (databases, registries, information space, etc.);
  • studying and analyzing incoming requests from public authorities in order to assess possible risks, develop an optimal response;
  • analysis and examination of notifications of any planned inspections of the client’s business activities by the supervisory authorities;
  • modeling of possible emergency situations during inspections, risk assessment, development of ways to minimize them;
  • training of personnel, development of individual response instructions and office protection schemes in case of searches and other emergency situations;
  • accompanying any checks of the controlling bodies (searches, interrogations, other investigative actions that are conducted against the client or employees of his business) by the representative of the company;
  • work with criminal cases, or cases initiated against a client.

When the client implements our instructions and recommendations, the likelihood that the search will pass through our “scenario” is 95%.