A comprehensive analysis of investment and business projects to identify the risks  

Consulting from S&P includes:

  • Conducting Due Diligence of business, client’s property, corporate rights. Our DD procedure differs significantly from the standard studies, because it is sharply aimed at identifying risks of loss of assets and/or illegal absorption, the likelihood of corporate conflicts, etc.
  • Discovery of “gaps” in investment protection. Company specialists analyze the current state of the business for the presence of errors (legal, juridical, managerial, technical, etc.) that potentially carry risks of loss of the client’s assets and business, and can be used against it in general.
  • Forecast possible scenarios and the possible date of loss of assets, as well as possible scenarios for organization of their “loss” by interested parties (if the client decides not to take any preventive measures).

The company guidance is based on many years of experience in analyzing the behavior patterns of raiders, the schemes they use, and the absolute understanding of how the “enemy” thinks and how he will act. The forecast projection is 95%.

  • Preparation of calculation of potential financial losses, in case the client decides to “leave everything as is”, i.e. not taking special measures to protect his business. At this stage, the “point of no return” is calculated, in which it will be impossible to save a business or assets.
  • Developing strategies to prevent loss of assets and business, possible corporate conflicts or illegal seizures. At this stage, the company's experts are developing a common strategy and a specific step-by-step action plan to minimize risks.

Sometimes, the “stakes” turn out to be unreasonably high. In this case, we honestly recommend the client to refuse to purchase/participate or invest in such a business project. What is the benefit to the client? It is both preservation of investments and the absence of costs for conducting a “war” to return property.