Anti-crisis consulting for settlement of ongoing corporate conflicts, including confrontations with the authorities  

Anti-crisis consulting is one of the most complex services in the S&P portfolio, as the company connects to client counseling at the stage of an active phase of an ongoing corporate conflict or confrontation with public authorities. Within the framework of anti-crisis consulting, S&P performs such actions for the client:

  • Legal analysis of the current situation.
  • Identification of mistakes that led the client to conflict.
  • Preparation of recommendations for “reformatting” existing business processes within the company, the role and actions of structural divisions (staff lawyers, security services, etc.) in order to improve their effectiveness in resolving the conflict and its early settlement.
  • Development of an overall asset protection strategy. This is a “roadmap” for conflict management, consisting of goals, subgoals, milestones, the forecast of terms, scenarios for the development of the conflict and its completion.
  • Development of a detailed plan for asset protection. This is a “mosaic” of legal and non-legal actions, instruments, methods for resolving the situation. Step-by-step dynamic plan, which is adjusted depending on the opponent's tactical actions, miscalculations of his goals and further “moves”.
  • Direct management of the conflict, work on the implementation of the action plan to the fullest resolution of the situation. Assisting the client in “work on mistakes” in order to minimize the likelihood of a recurrence of the conflict in the future.