How to Minimize Conflicts with the State – master class from S&P Investment Risk Management Agency Experts

News of the company

On November 3, the founders of the S&P Investment Risk Management Agency conducted the author's master class for the representatives of the Swiss business community in Ukraine. S&P experts told representatives of Swiss companies about scenarios of potential conflicts with tax bodies, as well as how to minimize the risks of doing business in our country.

A separate block of the master class was devoted to various nuances of conflicts with the law enforcement agencies. Experts of the S&P Investment Risk Management Agency identified the most common tools which law enforcement agencies often use to manipulate business.

According to S&P experts, it is impossible to fully insure against a conflict to a law-abiding enterprise, but it is possible to minimize damage if certain conditions are observed.

"The successful outcome of the conflict 100% depends on the pre-completed " homework ". To achieve this is entirely within the power of any business, it is enough to conduct a purposeful preparatory work. Having completed the "homework", the company will not only be able to recover quickly after a conflict with the security forces, but also acquire an "inconvenient" image, which will reduce the number of "visits" by law enforcement agencies` officers in the future, "the speakers of the S&P Investment Risk Management Agency summarized.