December 7 in Kiev done a quarterly meeting of CEO's of leading companies

News of the company

In the consultative meeting Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) participated representatives of such companies as: "Boeing", "Pepsi & Co.", "Radisson Blu”, “DLA”, “Johnson SC Johnson”, "Intercontinental", "MasterCard" "Pfizer", "Jacobs Ukraine”, “Honeywell”, “Park Іnn Donetsk”, "Syutkin and partners" Law firm, representatives of the UN mission and the US Peace Corps.

Participants discussed ways of cooperation under the current unstable political and economic situation in Ukraine. We talked about the conditions of doing business and of its safety and shared useful information and experience. Were raised the issues of anti-corruption and black economy through the adoption of appropriate government reforms.

Nataliia Osadcha, the partner of "Syutkin and Partners" made a presentation on the legal practical instrument for maintaining of business "Assets securitization of business in terms of political and economic instability in Ukraine".

During the report were identified the main aspects of the loss of business: the mistakes that can lead to corporate conflicts; as well as disclosed in details the ways to minimize business risks.

The presence of legal mistakes was identified as a main factor in the loss of business.

OSAC is a consultative body on security of US citizens and businesses abroad, and operates under the auspices of the US State Department.

Consultation meeting with OSAC is a business communication platform for exchanging information and experiences in different countries.

OSAC has branches all over the world and they are the link between countries to share knowledge and maintain safety when operating business.

OSAC activities abroad aimed at cooperation in the security sphere. The list of OSAC participants includes mostly US companies that are operating in Ukraine.