Who are we

S&P Investment Risk Management Agency is a specialized consulting company. We strive to help our clients create safe and sustainable business conditions in Ukraine – a country which is in the process of active transformation with constantly changing risks and business opportunities.

Our peculiarity is that we provide consulting services that are built on a skillful combination and using our long-term knowledge and skills in risk management, crisis management, reputational protection, and Law.


Risks and Opportunities

We believe that a balanced approach to risk is the basis for our clients’ success. Risk management in an unstable business and political environment is a necessity for a successful business in a country like Ukraine.

We have unparalleled experience in helping our clients solve problems and crises that arise in front of any ambitious organization which wants to transform risks into new business opportunities. Understanding and experience we have gained during more than ten years are invaluable when it comes to providing our customers with the necessary information tools which give them a chance to more confidently use their capabilities and be one step ahead of their opponents. Legal tools and the business strategy we use are built exclusively for minimizing possible risks for our clients. This unique combination of our knowledge and skills enables our customers to create and implement new business opportunities and successfully overcome crises of any complexity.

Our Clients

Confidentiality is very important for companies we work with. We never disclose the names of our clients. Our regular customers include national and international companies in all business sectors, multinational corporations which actively conduct business and invest in various spheres in Ukraine.


Our team

S&P Investment Risk Management Agency is a unique combination of diverse expertise that allows us to use different perspectives and deep experience in our clients’ interests. Our knowledge reflects the experience of crisis managers, business consultants, PR specialists, GR, lawyers, attorneys, tax agents, investigators, detectives, strategy consultants, and so on. This combination distinguishes S&P Investment Risk Management Agency from other companies.

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